Monday, February 10, 2014

Getting Messy with Mixed Medias

This poor page! After spending hours applying Gesso, mists, inks, watercolors and paints and drying several times to create the background for this page, I was finally really starting to like it. I printed a picture of my dad, his senior year in high school which was 1966 in sepia and found the papers and embellishments I wanted to use.  I had everything in place and just needed to glue them down but decided to go to bed and decide in the morning, if I still liked how everything was placed.
Well, in the morning I had discovered that one of my cats had knocked over the cup of water I was using for the watercolors onto my page.....Grrrrr! Most of the mists and watercolors had been washed away and the page was now all warped and dads picture was ruined too.  So I dried the page again, printed a new pic of dad and did the best I could to re-add the mists and watercolors. I still like how it came out but the colors were more vivid before it had a bath. 



  1. Bath or no bath, it still looks awesome! Love it!

  2. Great background! Looks great from here :) Love that old photo!!

  3. I love the page Nadine, I have a Burmese cat and I shut my craft room door when I have a project in progress - gotta love them though - wouldn't be without him. I'm following you now too. Happy Crafting! Ange xxoo

  4. Thank you for popping by and leaving some love. Even with the mishap with the water your layout looks amazing and a wonderful photo. I love the watercolour work

  5. Nadine--terrific job on the lo and the blog!


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